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Sunday, 6 March 2016


Danger Quicksand!

The word spread quickly through the playground. We were getting messy again! 

The first task was to make the quicksand recipe, add some food colouring (just for fun) and then take it outside and play with it. Yes, PLAY with it. The kids could not believe their ears but they were amazed at what they discovered while doing this. The cries of 'look at this!' echoed all around us as everyone was busy exploring the physical properties of their 'quicksand'.

We then explored a concept cartoon and had small group discussions to see if the students could reach a consensus based on their experiences with their quicksand. 

They couldn't agree so predictions and sketches were made on how to investigate which of the three scenarios would be the most successful to escape if you were caught in a pool of quicksand. Then using plasticine peolple and quicksand students set about trying to prove their theory was correct.

Swimming fast didn't work either
Calmly lying still and floating wasn't successful

There were some very smug people once we all shared our outcomes and discussed how best to move through this Non-Newtonian fluid. 

Would you know how to escape from quicksand?

What the kids said about today:

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